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Fun Fact: Before 1988, San Diego City Council Members were not elected from within their home districts! Instead, they were selected through city-wide elections,...

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Community Voices for Education is a coalition of parents, community members and stakeholders working together to bring accountability, transparency, and representation in our San Diego Public Education system, so every child receive the quality education they need.

If we want to guarantee a successful future for our children, we need prioritize their education. But right now, the San Diego school board is leaving 130,000 students and 13,500 educators across San Diego without the resources they need to thrive. Learn more about what we’re doing to change that.

We need your voice at an upcoming Town Hall Meetings.

It’s time to demand changes to the San Diego School Board!

April 23, 2018 at 6pm – RSVP Today!

April 26, 2018 at 6pm – RSVP Today!

April 28, 2019 at 10am – RSVP Today!

Find more ways to get involved with CVE’s efforts – Take Action by pressing here!


The San Diego school board was tasked with conducting a survey to find out what changes San Diego parents and advocates care about.  But school board members want to protect their jobs – so many of the survey questions are intended to muddle the results and prevent real change. 

Please fill out the survey and consider answering YES to questions 2 and 4!

By doing so, you will be voting in favor of school board term limits, and sub-district elections to ensure we have fresh talent that come from the communities they intend to serve.

Learn more about why these changes are important.